Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Must See T.V.

Normally, Tuesday nights are reserved for my favorite TV show... Glee. That is until my Sister-in-Law turned me on to this fantastic new show on Bravo called "9 by Design". This docu-series chronicles the lives of a New York based, husband and wife design team, Bob and Cortney Novogratz. They're the owners of Sixx Design, and the parents of seven adorable and impossibly active kids.

For over a decade now, this young, artsy and hip couple have designed and developed unique properties in Manhattan. They have rebuilt entire city blocks, and turned funky into fabulous with style and taste. On any given day, this super duo face overwhelming construction challenges, create luxurious spaces from trashed and empty lots, and then decorate the spaces with great imagination and inspiring flea market finds.

If you haven't checked it out yet, you can catch the premiere episode here on Hulu, and watch new episodes on Bravo, Tuesday evenings at 10 pm.

Images via Bravo.

Images via Sixx Design.


  1. I love orange too! But lately green has taken over big time.. Although green was my fave as a kid. My mom always let me pick the color of things, and we always ended up with green (which she hates) haha!!

    As for sixx design, I'm just not feeling it (sorry to be debbie downer here)= Too much white, lol!!

  2. Love that show.. Finally watched the first show a few days ago and I enjoyed it. It even convinced me that having many kids wouldn't be SO bad ;-)

    And - if you do the borders in your dining room, do send me pictures!!! :-)

  3. I love six design - they're fantastic. They're also hilarious! Great show! Now, my husband wants 7 kids!!! lol!

  4. Whoops! Sorry....I meant 'sixx' design!

  5. Wow, Fran- Seven kids sounds pretty darn good to me!