Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer Slacking

While the season of Summer still has a few weeks to go, the reality is that Summer is quickly coming to an end.

School is starting, parents are out shopping for their kids’ new clothes and school supplies already, and college students are preparing for their annual return to campus.

What’s a person to do with the last few remaining weeks of Summer???

Jam in as much stuff as humanly possible before the reality of the Fall hits.

That's what!

My list includes, time at the park, boating on Lake St. Clair, hitting a few flea markets and tag sales, and the end of Summer street fairs.

Early Morning at the Pier Park.

Boating on the Lake.

Although I took the whole, entire summer away from blogging, I've been keeping up with all of my favorite bloggers. I'm so inspired and motivated seeing the cool projects you all have gotten done... I can't wait to get going myself.

I'm on to tackling house projects in ernest. These are my inspiration pics...

Via Hodge:Podge

I got some serious inspiration from Barbara, over at Hodge:Podge.
I spotted this fabric (Richloom's Lucy Eden) on her lovely blog
and was instantly smitten.
She graciously researched the fabric for me and sent me a link...
Thank you for your help and for the mention today... I am much obliged!
(And for those of you love a good DYI, you've got to pop over here and check this talented lady out!)

This is the vibe I'm shooting for in my Living Room.
I love the casual, colorful, comfy look of this room... it's totally my style.

Via Pintrest

I really like this one too... I love pink and I'm a total book nerd so
naturally, I'm all about this room!

Via Pintrest


I think you should all sit down before scrolling any further.
Because this is what I'm working with. It's a little rough,
but it's all mine!

I'm starting in the Living Room, which is connected to the Dining Room on the left side and connected to the Office on the right side.
Good blank slate... Right?

Uh, yeah... Removing the old window treatments, patching and painting
is first on my agenda... Then window treatments, light fixtures and
the floors after that... !!!

All in all, the Summer has been a great time to relax, recharge and re-organize my resources and my life. Not just my outside life, but my inner life as well. It was great to take stock in how things are going, what changes I'd like to make, and set the plan in motion for the fall. Because once September comes, all
h-e-double-hockey-sticks usually breaks loose and time once again becomes a commodity much in demand, but short in supply.

So until then, enjoy the rest of your summer and I’ll do the same!

What are your end of the Summer plans?


  1. Darling please tell me that was BEFORE you moved into your house!?! If you need help with renovating/painting let me know. Great blog post! Love the pictures!


  2. I have truly found some elegant contents about window treatment from this post. And the existing pictures and information is massively looking just exotic. Thanks for sharing some fabulous information about it.

  3. Did you ever use the Richloom Lucy fabric? I would love to see some "after" pictures of your living room. I have the fabric to make curtains in our master bedroom but have had a hard time finding coordinating fabrics for the dust ruffle, etc. I would love to see how someone else used the fabric in their home!

  4. Hi! I am desperately looking for a coordinating fabric for the Richloom Lucy Eden fabric (I SO love it!!). I love the fabric you show in the photo with it--the white with green pattern. Where could I possibly find the white/green fabric? Also, could you possibly suggest some other coordinating fabrics? Thank you so much!

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