Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wait just a minute... Upside Down Christmas Trees?

Over this past weekend, I took a lovely walk through my neighborhood to check out the festive Christmas decorations. For me, this time of year awakens a feeling of warmth, family, and tradition. In my travels, I was a little taken a back to see my neighbor setting up his beautiful Christmas tree, upside down. Stay with me here... It’s not April Fools. Now, upside down Christmas trees look a bit surprising (to say the least) but it seems that they might actually be the real deal. With a little research, I found out that this tradition may actually go back way further than the upside right ones! Apparently, when the tradition was first established, people wanted it to be obvious that the tree was not some trivial floral decor idea. To give it more meaning, they had to hang it upside down... of course! Ok, that's my slightly skewed, super-duper abridged version of the story {you're welcome!} but if you're interested in the real story you can go here to read more! And if you are really feeling adventurous this year, go here for a complete "how to" guide for hanging your own tree upside down.

Tampines One Mall, Singapore.

Traditional Trinity of Fir Branches.

St. Peter's Rectory.

Whether or not you’re into the idea yourself, the fact is that it seems to becoming a fast growing trend. And trends catch on pretty quickly. Come to find out that nearly any tree shop will sell upside down artificial Christmas trees. White upside down Christmas trees, pink ones, plastic ones, or even real ones. No joke. You can call yourself a traditionalist, but if the real tradition is in the upside down tree…

Then where have I been?

Friday, November 19, 2010

B & B interviews Tom Buckley

I'm still catching up on all of my required reading, so some of you will have already read this. But for those who haven't read it yet, there is a great interview on Balustrade & Bitters with Los Angeles-based interior decorator Tom Buckley. Buckley relocated from New York to LA in 1969, after 20 year at the legendary design firm McMillen. He’s been crafting beautiful rooms in Los Angeles ever since. Unfortunately for design mavins, examples of his talent have rarely been published. Being the perfectionist that he is, photographs didn't adequately capture his use of color, so he did not have them photographed at all. Such a shame for us fans! I do know that what photos we do have, I absolutely L.O.V.E.! Bottom line, Tom Buckley has exquisite taste!

I particularly loved this part of the interview about following your instincts as a designer:

I believe instinct is that little inner voice that says to you, “Do this, do that, or that is it, that’s the right chair.” Every time I’ve violated that rule, I’ve gotten into trouble. My little inner voice says,”I don’t think you should do this.” And I think, “Oh, shut up, I’m gonna do this, it’s gonna be fine.” Sometimes it works out and sometimes it’s been a disaster. I should have listened to that little inner voice. I believe we all have those little inner voices, all we need do is listen.

Go here to read the entire interview. It really is fascinating glance into the mind of one of great designers of the last century.

All images via Balustrade & Bitters.

I think his room designs are just as relevant now as they were 40+ years ago...
What do you think?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Blog Makeover

I think I've been going through some *ahem* seasonal things... so I decided to spiff up the ole blog and get psyched up about posting again. Well, we'll see if this works!!!
A very special thanks to the wonderful and talented Jenna, over at {q.a.} design for the makeover! If you ever need a little change or a whole new look for your blog... seriously, she is your girl!!! If you have a little time, jump on over to her etsy store to do a little Christmas shopping! Great stuff!