Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Clean-Up

I'm off to the Irish Hills to help my parents with the Fall clean-up. Leaves to rake, boats to put away, furniture to store and cover... it should be a beautiful weekend!

Via Getty Images.

Any Great Fall Weekend Plans?
I would love to hear about what you're doing!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Painted Furniture: Lucas Rise

After my last post about whether to refinish or paint my newest find, I was perusing the interweb to find some images of painted furniture. I came across this incredible artist named Lucas Rise. Based in Buenos Aires, Lucas creates incredible mural-like paintings on furniture that range from 1960 psychedelic to tribal-themed patterns. I am blown away by the level of detail in each piece and immediately felt the urge to bust out my paints and get to work on something in my house. Being a realist, I know that I would wreck anything I painted, so for now I’ll have to live vicariously through Lucas’ pieces. Check out his full portfolio here.

Lucas Rise... easy on the eyes.

All images via Lucas Rise.

Good Stuff, Huh?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Look What I Found!

Look what I found... My friend just moved and he was trying to sell everything that wouldn't work in his new place. Guess how much I paid for it? Go on... guess! Would you believe he gave it to me in exchange for a batch of homemade cookies! Awesome, right? This piece has great bones but the finish is a little worn.

Here's my question.

Should I paint it or refinish the wood? I've been in to painting pieces but lately I've been enamored with the wood look too.

If I paint it, what color should I use?


Happy Weekend My Friends!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Painted Floors... The Other Fifth Wall

Are you looking for a great way to spruce up your space? How about painted floors? If you need to disguise a less that beautiful wood floor, this is a great trick. Not to mention what a big bang you get for your buck. Check out these examples and get inspired!

Mary McDonald has made this soft blue and white bathroom a little bit snazzier with a painted chevron pattern on the floor. There's nothing that I don't like about this bathroom.


This costal motif stenciled onto a painted wood floor adds a playful touch to the decor. The checkered wallpaper reminds me of an old tablecloth. This draws your eyes upward to showcase the beautiful copper cookware collection.

Coastal Living

Check out this black and white faux bois treatment. It almost looks too pretty to walk on. This hand painted pattern takes the traditional wood floors from standard to stunning.

Coastal Living

This kitchen is an absolute beauty. I've been kind of obsessed with the idea of having checkered flooring somewhere in my house.

Elle Decor

This wood floor has been stained with two colors and painted on the diagnal. This makes a big bold statement, don't you think?

Elle Decor

Domino Mag had a guide on how to stencil your floors with custom patterns. Here is a playful spiral design. It really is a great way to inject some whimsey into a space.


I'm really taken with this macro gingham.

Cottage Living

This Nancy Boszhardt interior uses a wood stain to create a "rug" in this entryway. Such a clever idea. Check out that hat rack. Awesome, huh?

This black and taupe floor is a bit dizzying at first but it shows that painted floors can also be elegant.

Joel Woodward

Painted wood floors are one of those things that you either really like or really hate. I think if they are done right they have the potential to be real show stoppers. I love them because they create interest and have the ability to make people stop and say "WOW"!

What are your thoughts on painted floors? Or as I call them, "the other fifth wall."