Monday, March 29, 2010

A True Original

A few years back I discovered the absolutely wonderful journal of Dorothy Rodgers called "The House in My Head". It is a heartwarming account of her quest to build the perfect dream house in the country for herself, her family and her friends. This little gem of a book, published in 1967, is filled with practical advice, thoughtful anecdotes of her experiences, tips on entertaining, great dinner party menus and the art of household management. It is personal, sophisticated and reflective of a woman of great charm and impeccable style. Mrs. Rodgers, the wife of famous composer Richard Rodgers, was a genius at blending contemporary and traditional elements. Her taste in furnishings is classic. Her home design is a model of well planned space and many of her tips are invaluable. Some of Mrs. Rodgers' ideas are a bit outdated (especially the ones that involve being a doting wife) but don't let that put you off. Generally speaking, this book is timeless and you will find yourself referencing it constantly! One of my favorite elements of the book are the numerous charming drawings of the famed illustrator, Jeremiah Goodman. So, if you are a fan of Martha Stewart and her ability to create perfection (and deep down, aren't we all?) then you will adore the work of Dorothy Rodgers... She's a true original!

Dorothy Rodgers

"The House in My Head" is available here.

Illustration by Jeremiah Goodman. Via Bibliostyle.

"Rockmeadow" Fairfield, Connecticut. Via Bibliostyle.