Wednesday, December 8, 2010

DYI: A Little E.R. Inspiration

Remember this little number from Eddie Ross? I still love it and I still haven't made one.

This Christmas, I'm trying to be a little "craftier". And I have a lot of you ladies out there to thank. I've been so inspired by some of your projects that I've decided to try an easy one myself. So, I'll start out with a simple "Eddie Ross" inspired outside wreath.

I like the idea of using non-tradional colors. It's fun and less expected than the usual Christmas colors.

I really like this ribbon for some reason... I'm using it!!!

So I pulled out a couple of lengths, and fashioned this bow.
(Always the hardest part for me)

Next, I went to my favorite Big Lots and found these great shatterproof ornaments for $2.99 a box.

I sorted through all the ornaments and decided to use only the matte finished ones.

Then, I found an old wire hanger and bent it around into a circle with a little hook on each end.

Then, I just started stringing the ornaments onto the wire.

When I used all the ornaments, I bent it back into a circle and attached the two ends using the hooks I fashioned on either end of the wire hanger.

Then I just fastened on the bow... and DONE!

Now as I look closer, I wish I would have changed some of ornaments around for better color distributation and made a bigger bow... !

It's no "Eddie Ross Wreath" but it's not bad, huh?


  1. ME: So cute!! I am dying to do this project too!! I love it! Great job!

  2. I love the colors and you couldn't have found a more perfect ribbon for the wreath.