Monday, June 14, 2010

Graduation Season 2010

I'm back... feeling better and getting inspired. Thanks to all of you for asking! Well, graduation season is in full swing and that means parties, parties and more parties! And that's just fine with me because I love, love, love to see different decorating ideas and theme set-ups. This year my God-daughter, Melissa graduated from Sweet Briar College and her brother, Richie graduated from Grosse Pointe North High School. My big sis put a lovely party together this weekend for her graduates. I'm so proud of my niece and nephew! They really are awesome kids!

Little Richie

Sweet Melissa

Beautiful garden party table set up with flowers cut right out of the garden.

And another...

And a tent shot...

Congratulations Graduates!!!

BTW, did anyone see "Design Star" last night? I DVR'ed it and haven't watched yet... was it any good?


  1. Those are some GREAT photos!

  2. Yeah, Richie & Melissa! Congrats!

  3. Hey! Love the pics! I was a little disappointed with design star. what did you think?

  4. Thanks! Yeah, Design Star is not off to a great start. Some of those people must have pocketed some of that $500 because they couldn't have spent it on those rooms!!