Monday, June 28, 2010

Musical Inspiration & Gig Posters

"I've got the music in me, sweet music in me; I've got the muuuuu-sic in MEEEEE!" Ok, enough of that...

These words could very well be my life's theme, as I have always loved or been involved with music in one way or another. From the ear-splitting screeches of violin in grade school, to the constant banging on the piano through middle school and the musicals through out high school. I have been attempting to play or sing since I was a youngster.

So naturally you ask yourself, "Why haven't I heard of her on Broadway, or seen her name on the Billboard charts?" Well, let's just say that while the music may be IN me, what comes OUT of me doesn't even remotely resemble music. Heaven knows it's not something you'd ever pay to hear! I can remember Sister Corinne (our grade school music teacher) saying to us "God asks us to make a joyful NOISE unto the Lord." Thankfully, He doesn't say anything about it being in tune, on tempo, or in perfect harmony.

That is why I pay to hear others who are in tune, that play magnificently, or can actually dance while singing brilliantly. Concerts are a huge source of joy for me. Whether it be rock, classical or anything in between, I have always ponied up to hear musical acts that inspire me.

So here's where I'm going with all of this. Over the years I've amassed an extraordinary collection of concert t-shirts and gig posters. The shirts haven't fared so well over time but a few of the gig posters have. Here are some of my favorites...

Designed by Nate Duval and Jen Skelley.

Also, Nate Duval.

Designed by Jason Munn.

Again, Jason Munn.

Designed by The Heads of State.

Dan Stiles.

Mikey Burton.

Jaimes Cervantes.

Designed by, The Small Stakes.

Designed by, Strawberry Luna.

Robert Lee.

So, what do you think... should I resurrect a couple of my besties, frame them and make them a part of a gallery wall?

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  1. I think you should. Those are great! I wish I had that kind of creativity.