Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ship Shape

I've been a little under the weather for the past few weeks... Crohn's Disease issues. I apologize for my absence and I have to say that I've really missed blogging. Even though I've only been on the writing side of the blogosphere for a short while, I really miss the creative outlet. So back to blogging in earnest. I have so much catching up to do, where to start? OK, catalogues. I was going through some of the mail that I've been ignoring for the last couple of weeks and I found myself lost in the Wisteria catalogue. Having grown up on Lake St. Clair and just recently purchasing my own place right on the lake, I have seen a lot of nautically themed homes. Some done extremely well and others... eeesh, you know! I've been kind of bouncing around the idea of some nautical elements for my living room and here is what I've come up with.

Oyster shell votive holder from Wisteria. So unusual and pretty. A little bit of a beachy touch.
This fabulous rustic, rope pendant lamp also from Wisteria. Not sure where I'd put it... but I sure do love it!

More oyster shells, this time framing a mirror. (I need another mirror like I need a hole in my head.... but if I did this would be right up there on my list!) Wisteria.

These adorable kitchen towels are just awesome. I love the little metal grommets for the eyes! Wisteria.

Now, this room is a little example of how to do nautical right. One beautiful antique boat used as the focal point is elegant and not too kitchey.

I love the understated-ness of the throw pillows. (Don't bother looking for that word ... I just made it up!) This image is from Country Living.

This room is just on the edge of going too far... for my taste, anyway. But I just adore that mermaid in front of the blue panels. And that view out those french doors.... Ahhhhh!

These next two images are by Suzanne Kastler. Notice the use of the wood paneling finished with marine like varnish. This detail along with the yacht like fittings and the ladder attached to the wall with boat cleats, really gives the feeling that you are in the cabin of a boat. Swing-arm lamps, installed high on the ceiling and the little antique fan perched on the sea grass ottoman make for a warm and inviting space. I especially like the sailcloth curtains, hung with rivets and and tied with top stitched leather fittings. All these elements bring your eye up and down and around the room. Just fantabulosa!

Now, lots of people have nautical themed rooms, but few can compete with this one. Not only are there two different types of sailboat wall papers, but those are actually 6 beds set in boat frames! I can't find the source of this image but the home is called "Hilltop". Who wouldn't love to crash in one of those boat beds?

I threw a couple of images that I found in a blog that I secretly love, called Ugly House Photos. I know it's a little wrong but I have a feeling that a few of you will quietly bookmark this blog for future giggles.... hehe! How about those paper mermaids?

What do you think of this nautical themed room idea? Part of me says "full steam ahead" and the other says "that ship has sailed". I'd love to hear what you think!


  1. I hope you are feeling better! I am finally going through some blogs and I feel ready for the summer after this post. Well, not really but soon I will be. Thank you for all of your kind emails to me and your thoughts and prayers.

  2. ME, you're too funny. Glad you're back - stay well!! Hmm...oyster that the new trend now? I like that shell votive holder - very organic! I say go coastal but don't overdue it - those mermaids crack me up!

  3. Lake life.... wow the thought of it makes me so happy. Every summer we spend time in the Torch Lake area...ahhhh! Michigan lake life is the greatest! That being said, a nautical themed room is right up my alley. I love your Wisteria finds!