Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Let the Sunshine In!

Anyone who lives in the Mid-West knows that the weather has been dreary...
very dreary.

So I've decided that the only answer is to let a little of the sunshine in
by finding pops of yellow to inspire and energize
me and my home.

I think it's working!

Forsythia bush outside.

House Beautiful.


I'm obsessed with this Jonathan Adler pillow...

Jonathan Adler.

Coastal Living.

Look what I found on Ebay... I could easily find a spot for these
Hollywood Regency faux bamboo caned chairs.
$199 for the pair.


I recently found this super talented textile designer named Holli Zollinger. This is one of the fabrics in her "Forsythia & Earth" collection. You can check out all the designs here at Spoonflower.

Holli Zollinger, "Forsythia & Earth" Collection.

Nothing says Spring to me like a lovely wicker purse.
I think I need this little Kate Spade bag!

Kate Spade, Eastward Avenue Quinn.

Perhaps I'm going too far now but
isn't this Chanel nail varnish in "Mimosa" yummy?


Even my toes are in on the action!
What do you do to bring the sunshine in?


  1. boohoo my comment didn't make it :( Wonder what happened? Anywho I was saying I LOVE all the yellow, and I got some yellow polish too! I don't think the color is a good/brilliant as yours :)


  2. That is awesome. I love the yellow. I especially like the banana pillows. I MUST find a spot for one of those.

  3. I am a midwest girl myself and I've seen enough rain and dreariness to last a lifetime. I could use a dose of sunshine any way I can get it.

    BTW, the gold pillows you mentioned on my post today, just put them in the garage sale pile. I can't find a place for them now that I've started redecorating. Loved them when I bought them though. (Is $4 a piece too little or too much to ask at a garage sale, what do you think?)

  4. Lovely vibrant yellow for the gloomy room! Fabulous idea! I think I'm keeping either yellow or orange to create sunshine inside the house.:-) outsourcing company

  5. Great post! I love that forsythia bush! We have one in our yard, and I hope it grows to be that full and beautiful! Also love the yellow toe nail polish. How fun! To bring the sunshine in, I like to open up the shades, let the natual light in, and bring pops of cheery colors in with accessories. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  6. An unnamed individual says...please let me borrow that yellow nail polish.

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