Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cold Days, Warm Blankets.

As the temperature continues to dip today, thoughts of snuggling up under a great blanket take over. And the blanket that always comes to mind is the classic Hudson Bay Point blanket. These blankets just ooze cozy, rustic, and old school charm. I really noticed a resurgence in popularity of these blankets that seemed to coincide with the 2010 Winter Olympics last February in Vancouver. Although the design has remained largely unchanged for 230+ years, they still manage to look modern, streamlined, and cheerful in any room. They seem most appropriate for log cabins but would be just as home in a modern downtown loft.

via The Marion House Book.

via Elle Decor.

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via The Marion House Book.

The Hudson Bay Point Blanket might be the oldest and most identifiable Canadian tradition. These blankets were originally created in 1780 for fur trappers, traders and natives to survive outdoors in frigid Canadian winters. The point system is used to rate the warmth and size of the blanket. These blankets are such high quality and so highly valued that they are often handed down through families and found for hundreds of dollars on ebay and in thrift stores.

via Re-Nest.

If you ever happen upon one, grab it up!
They are worth every penny!


  1. i've always loved these blankets! one day one might just sneak into my home! they would look so cool in my little boys room!

  2. Worth every penny indeed...what a great post, now I want one of these pretty blankets, pretty badly!:)

  3. You had me up until the costs hundreds of dollars. Then my mind went numb. Although, it might not be a bad investment since my wife is from one of the mountain states and wants to keep the house as cold as the Rockies.

  4. How great is that ottoman! Such a fun way to use these pretty blankets.